Inspiration: “Rodica” by Nicolae Grigorescu

"Rodica" by Nicolae Grigorescu.
“Rodica” by Nicolae Grigorescu.

Romanian artists don’t get their fair-share one the world art-scene, but in The Art Bog they do!

“Rodica” by Nicolae Grigorescu was created between 1878 and 1885.

Grigorescu was a Romanian artist. “Rodica” can be found in La Galeria de Artă Contemporană a Muzeului Național de Artă al României.

There is a metro station in Bucharest named after Grigorescu:

Nicolae Grigorescu is a metro station in Bucharest. It is named after the Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu, and shares this name with the nearby boulevard, Bd. Nicolae Grigorescu. Before 1990, it was known as Leontin Sălăjan, after a Communist Army General.

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