22 Heroes: The ‘NO’ Votes

The Politico
Justin Amash (Mich.)
Michele Bachmann (Minn.)
Chip Cravaack (Minn.)

Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
Scott Desjarlais (Tenn.)
Tom Graves (Ga.)
Tim Huelskamp (Kans.)
Steve King (Iowa)
Tim Johnson (Ill.)
Tom McClintock (Calif.)
Mick Mulvaney (S.C.)
Ron Paul (Texas)
Connie Mack (Fla.)
Jim Jordan (Ohio)
Tim Scott (S.C.)
Paul Broun (Ga.)
Tom Latham (Iowa)
Jeff Duncan (S.C.)
Trey Gowdy (S.C.)
Steve Southerland (Fla.)
Joe Walsh (Ill.)
Joe Wilson (S.C.)

Obama Sinking in Virginia

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...Image via WikipediaHamptonRoad.com

Virginia voters’ attitudes about Barack Obama’s job performance have soured, according to results of a Democratic polling outfit’s recent survey which suggests more people now rate the president negatively.

Public Policy Polling found that 48 percent of Virginia voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance, while 47 percent approve of it.

While that’s a slim difference, it represents a significant decline from the 51-44 percent positive margin PPP reported Obama had after Osama bin Laden’s death.

Virginia: Kaine Leads Allen by 3 pts

Virginia population map based on Census 2000. ...Image via Wikipedia

Real Clear Politics

Kaine edges Allen, 46 percent to 43 percent, among registered Virginia voters surveyed by Public Policy Polling (D). The difference between the two candidates, however, is within the poll’s margin of error. Both candidates have identical support (87 percent) from their political respective bases, but Kaine leads Allen among independents by 11 points.

What is the Lesson from ‘The Alchemist?’

The AlchemistImage by Cayusa via FlickrTo me, it is that you may have everything you are looking for right where you are, but you might not know it.
Therefore, you often have to get out into the wider world to realize that the treasures you are searching for are in the place you started. However, without the journey you may never realize this. You may spend your entire life jealous of people living in other parts of the world who you believe are better off than you.
So, to truly realize what you have, you have to leave where you are for a little while to have some adventures. Then one day, you will realize that it is time to go back home, because everything you need is already there.