A Less-PC Movie About Muslim Criminals

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Ghettos Naming Schools, Streets After Obama

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It used to be that you could find out which areas to avoid by checking to see if there was a Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard or a Malcolm X Memorial Parkway in it. Now there is another aid to help you steer clear of the urban wastelands of liberalism:

Barack Obama took office barely 10 days ago, but already schools and streets are being renamed. In the Hempstead case they didn’t even wait until Inauguration Day, re-christening the school back in November — the first in the nation to do so. For the students, it’s music to their ears, gushed school principal Jean Bligen. They “want to keep this interest, this high belief that we can really make a difference, that we can change our community, that we can change our nation, that we can make the world a better place,” Bligen said. Experts say this baptizing phenomenon is unique to an incoming American leader riding a wave of optimism at the beginning of his presidency.Link “This is highly unusual,” said Robert Thompson, a Syracuse University professor of popular culture. “Usually this thing doesn’t take place until the president is out of office and often until the president has actually died.”LinkBreitbart

Michael Steele Wins GOP Chairmanship

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My Comments to the NJ MV

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They wanted comments, because they are so interested in hearing about what we think:

I thing it is wrong to charge a so called ‘convenience fee’ to update registration online. You people are disgusting, money-grubbing maniacs. The whole purpose of the internet is to make things easier. Instead you decide to penalize people who use the internet, even though by doing this we are making YOUR job easier. You should be paying US a convenience fee. You are basically punishing us for making your life easier.

British Blame Israel Almost as Much as Hamas

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Turning now to events in the Middle East: For the past three weeks there has been a significant military conflict, with Israel launching attacks into Gaza, and Hamas, the Palestinian organization running Gaza, firing rockets into Israel. From what you know who do you blame for this conflict?

Israel 18%
Hamas 24%
Both equally 39%
Don’t know 19%

Source: YouGov
Methodology: Online interviews with 2,000 British voters, conducted on Jan. 15 and Jan. 16, 2009. No margin of error was provided.

Redistricting Will Soon be GOP Secret Weapon

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The 2010 census could add multiple House seats to red-leaning states — as many as four districts to Texas and two each to Arizona and Florida. And it could subtract seats from blue-trending states like Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Most of the states slated to gain seats in reapportionment next cycle feature Republican-controlled state legislatures and governor’s mansions — the powerhouses that decide how to allocate congressional districts.
The Hill