Explosion on Plane from Islam Infested Holland to Islam Infested Detroit

Initially most news organisations, including the BBC, reported that the explosion was caused by fireworks but in the early hours on Saturday morning the BBC said that the incident was being treated by the authorities as an attempted terrorist attack.

The explosion occurred as the Airbus 330 with 278 passengers on board landed at Detroit on Friday afternoon local time. Several people were slightly injured.

Dutch News.nl

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Alabama: Bobby Bright Coy About Switching Parties

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Bright has a lot in common with Griffith, who announced his party switch earlier today: Both are freshmen from districts that voted heavily for John McCain in 2008; they each won their races very narrowly; and both have voted against the big-ticket items of the Democratic agenda this year. So I asked what Bright’s thoughts were on Griffith, whether he was committed to staying with the Democrats, and what his overall concerns might be about the political situation in Congress.

Talking Points Memo

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PARTY SWITCH! Alabama Democrat Rep. Parker Griffith Joins GOP

{{w|Parker Griffith}}, member of the United St...

Griffith’s party switch comes on the eve of a pivotal congressional health care vote and will send a jolt through a Democratic House Caucus that has already been unnerved by the recent retirements of a handful of members who, like Griffith, hail from districts that offer prime pickup opportunities for the GOP in 2010.


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Who Says Voter Fraud Doesn’t Matter?

Now that the Senate Health Care Grab has its 60 votes, think back to the Minnesota senate race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. A tighter control over voter fraud would have kept the Democrats from gaining that last vote they needed. There are consequences to elections, even tainted ones.

Change Nobody Believes In

Even in World War I there was a Christmas truce.
The rushed, secretive way that a bill this destructive and unpopular is being forced on the country shows that “reform” has devolved into the raw exercise of political power for the single purpose of permanently expanding the American entitlement state. An increasing roll of leaders in health care and business are looking on aghast at a bill that is so large and convoluted that no one can truly understand it, as Finance Chairman Max Baucus admitted on the floor last week. The only goal is to ram it into law while the political window is still open, and clean up the mess later.

Wall Street Journal

Democrats oblivious to growing voter disquiet

The Democrats’ yearlong spending orgy, record $1.4 trillion budget deficits and a $12 trillion national debt have been overshadowed by the economy and jobs, health care reform and other issues. But they are part and parcel of a spending binge that has spawned a taxpayer rebellion and driven Mr. Obama’s job approval polls down into the 40s.

Washington Times

Michigan: Any of 3 Republicans Would Win Governors Race

Survey of 500 Likely Voters in Michigan
December 16, 2009

Election 2010: Michigan Governor
Cox (R) 39%
Cherry (D) 34%
Some other candidate 9%
Not sure 17%
Election 2010: Michigan Governor
Hoekstra (R) 46%
Cherry (D) 32%
Some other candidate 6%
Not sure 16%
Election 2010: Michigan Governor
Bouchard (R) 42%
Cherry (D) 32%
Some other candidate 6%
Not sure 20%

Source: Rasmussen Reports

Illinois: Republicans Could Pick Up Governorship

Survey of 500 Likely Voters in Illinois
December 20, 2009

Election 2010: Illinois Governor
Ryan 46%
Quinn 39%
Some other candidate 9%
Not sure 6%

Election 2010: Illinois Governor
Ryan 40%
Hynes 42%
Some other candidate 7%
Not sure 11%

Source: Rasmussen Reports