Pelosi Stars in GOP commercials

Nancy Pelosi's problems with the truth have thrust her into the
spotlight as the focus of attack in Republican ads and recorded phone
calls. The Miami Herald reports that these ads and messages will run
in districts that are currently represented by vulnerable Democrats.

Connecticut: Dodd in a Panic

According to the Associated Press, Chris Dodd is about to start
running ads about a year and a half before the 2010 Senate election.

Rhode Island House passes voter ID Bill

A rare bit of good news from this leftist state. Maybe now the
Republicans will only lose RI elections 75% of the time…

Corzine Using Jon Bon Jovi to Court the Mediocre Vote

Tax-crazy governor Jon Corzine is dangling neutered 80s rocker Jon Bon Jovi as a reward for people who raise money for Corzine’s reelection campaign. Of course most people who join this contest will lose, but that’s okay because Corzine will collect their money too.

Bonus quiz: What’s worse? Bon Jovi or the pasty, bloated Tom Hanks of recent years?

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Toomey Makes Headway Against Specter

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Pat Toomey has made headway with moderate Republicans and is now within striking distance of Arlen Specter.

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