Close Race Between #Gingrich, #Santorum in Mississippi & Alabama

The former U.S. House Speaker leads in Mississippi according to an
American Research Group poll that had Gingrich at 35 percent, followed
by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 31 percent and former
Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum at 20 percent. But a Rasmussen Poll of
Mississippi showed Romney in the lead with 35 percent, followed by
Gingrich and Santorum tied at 27 percent .

A Rasmussen Poll of Alabama shows a dead heat: Gingrich at 30
percent, Santorum at 29 and Romney at 28. Alabama State University’s
Center for Leadership and Public Policy showed Gingrich and Romney
virtually tied at 20.7 percent and 20.2 percent, respectively, with
Santorum at 16.6 percent. Gingrich’s support jumped 7 percentage points
in a week in the Alabama State poll.

New York Times Obsessed With Sliming Texas A&M

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The Times is fixated on Texas A&M, a rare public university that
leans to the right. Reporter Michael Brick hypocritically attacked
conservative campus activists in an October 16, 2009 story for
displaying”unchecked fervor,” which “can be a raw and fearsome thing.”
They had previously the”embarrassed the university by throwing eggs at a
picture of Mr. Obama.” But If defacing a picture of a president is an
automatic embarrassment, then every other college in America should be
red-faced, since posters of Bush as Hitler were pretty much de rigueur
at any decent campus protest.

Obama Even More Vulnerable Than Republicans Think

Start with Obama’s poll numbers, which are mediocre. His
job-approval rating has been trending upward since October, but
is still below 50 percent. More people disapprove than approve
of his performance on health care and on the economy — two
issues likely to be critical in the election. A Gallup/USA Today
poll recently found that among swing-state voters, Romney is
actually beating Obama. (As is Rick Santorum.) Even in state
polls that have Obama ahead, his numbers are weak: He’s below 46
percent in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Iowa. And almost 60
percent of Americans believe the country is “on the wrong
track,” which typically doesn’t bode well for an incumbent


Massachusetts Senate: Bad Polls Worry Democrats in Brown/Warren Race

After a huge rush of optimism that Elizabeth
Warren’s candidacy would end Scott Brown’s hold on his US Senate seat,
Democratic insiders and activists are awakening to a new political
reality, driven by a series of recent polls and Brown’s success these
past few months in crafting an independent bipartisan image.

campaign’s reshaped landscape, which appears to have shifted in Brown’s
favor, has created a quiet buzz among some in the party that Warren,
despite her incredible burst onto the Massachusetts electoral map last
fall, has hit some strong headwinds and will need to recapture the
excitement that lit up the Bay State’s political world when she entered
the race in September.

Gingrich Wins Georgia

The victory ends a bit of a dry spell for the former speaker. Since
winning South Carolina January 21, Newt has placed second in Florida
with 31.9 percent, and then a slow decline: 21.1 percent in the
low-turnout Nevada caucuses (29 percentage points behind Romney) and
then 10.8 percent in the nonbinding results in Minnesota, 12.8 percent
in the nonbinding results in Colorado, 6.7 percent in Maine, 6.5 percent
in Michigan, 16.2 percent in Arizona and 10.3 percent in Washington.

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