51% View Alcohol More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Fifty-one percent (51%) of American adults say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 19% disagree and say pot is worse. But 25% say both are equally dangerous. Just two percent (2%) say neither is dangerous. Younger adults are more likely than their elders to view alcohol as the more dangerous of the two.

Rasmussen Reports
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Oklahoma’s Dan Boren Rated Most Likely to Switch Parties

{{w|Dan Boren}}, member of the United States H...Image via Wikipedia

Boren refused to endorse Obama, called the Cap and trade bill the ‘worst bill he’s even seen‘ and opposes single payer health care. He is the only Democratic Congressman from Oklahoma.

Race 4 2008

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Obama Reaches Another Low in Poll

MANCHESTER, NH  - APRIL 13:  Democratic presid...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

President Obama, who won the White House with an electoral college landslide and enjoyed soaring public approval in the weeks after his inauguration, has fallen to a 50% job approval rating in the newest daily tracking of the Gallup Poll released Thursday.

The new low for Obama compares with his peak public job approval rating of 69% after his inauguration in January.

Los Angeles Times
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American Idiot: Greenday Attacks SCHWARZENEGGER for California Being Broke

Billie Joe ArmstrongImage via Wikipedia

“We just gotta get rid of f—ing Arnold Schwarzenneger. We’re bankrupt.”
—Billie Joe Armstrong

It’s the Democrat’s fault that California is bankrupt, and he blames the guy who is actually trying to do something about it.
Stupid people like this should stay out of politics and stick to what they know best… luring young boys into thinking you are in a punk band.

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