Sarah Palin Still Favorite for IA Endorsement, Michele Bachmann & Rick Perry Move Up

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 15:  Rep. Michelle Bachm...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Who is in the Running for the Interested American GOP Endorsement? At this point in time, the answer is:

1. Sarah Palin
2. Michele Bachmann
3. Rick Perry
4. Rick Santorum
5. Mitt Romney
6. Tim Pawlenty
7. Gary Johnson
8. Herman Cain
9. Rudy Giuliani
10. Ron Paul
11. Newt Gingrich
12. Jon Huntsman

Top 10 Achievements of the Obama Administration.. So Far

2009 Five Presidents, President George W. Bush...Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr 

1.  Gitmo remains open:
2.  Helped GOP retake House:
3.  Bush tax cuts extended:
4.  Rise of the Tea Party:
5.  Messiah myth punctured:
6.  Iraq and Afghanistan were not abandoned:
7.  Progressives miffed:
8.  Continues many of Bush’s anti-terror policies:
9. Deportations of illegal immigrants:
10.  Rest and relaxation:

Human Events

Michigan: Redistricting Map Would Combine Sander Levin & Gary Peters in One District

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According to a map released Friday by Senate and House Republicans, Democratic U.S. Reps. Sander Levin of Royal Oak and Gary Peters of Oakland County’s Bloomfield Township would end up in the same district, potentially forcing a runoff. Michigan is losing a congressional seat after seeing its population decline in the 2010 census. Republicans have drawn maps that would allow them to keep the nine districts they hold while shrinking the number of Democratic districts from six to five.
Real Clear Politics

Goodbye Socialist: Obama Losing to Generic Republican by 5 pts

2011 Trend: 2012: Barack Obama vs. Generic Republican -- Based on Registered Voters 

Notice the large 18 percent undecided vote and remember that the undecided usually break against the incumbent. This means Obama would probably lose the 2012 election by more than he won the 2008 election.

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