New Hampshire: 2010 Census Results for Towns

Area Total Pop
Alton 5,250
Barnstead 4,593
Belmont 7,356
Center Harbor 1,096
Gilford 7,126
Gilmanton 3,777
Laconia 15,951
Meredith 6,241
New Hampton 2,165
Sanbornton 2,966
Tilton 3,567
Albany 735
Bartlett 2,788
Brookfield 712
Chatham 337
Conway 10,115
Eaton 393
Effingham 1,465
Freedom 1,489
Hale’s location 120
Hart’s Location 41
Jackson 816
Madison 2,502
Moultonborough 4,044
Ossipee 4,345
Sandwich 1,326
Tamworth 2,856
Tuftonboro 2,387
Wakefield 5,078
Wolfeboro 6,269
Alstead 1,937
Chesterfield 3,604
Dublin 1,597
Fitzwilliam 2,396
Gilsum 813
Harrisville 961
Hinsdale 4,046
Jaffrey 5,457
Keene 23,409
Marlborough 2,063
Marlow 742
Nelson 729
Richmond 1,155
Rindge 6,014
Roxbury 229
Stoddard 1,232
Sullivan 677
Surry 732
Swanzey 7,230
Troy 2,145
Walpole 3,734
Westmoreland 1,874
Winchester 4,341
Atkinson & Gilman 0
Beans 0
Beans purc 0
Berlin 10,051
Cambridge 8
Carroll 763
Chandlers purc 0
Clarksville 265
Colebrook 2,301
Columbia 757
Crawfords purc 0
Cutts 0
Dalton 979
Dixs 1
Dixvilleship 12
Dummer 304
Errol 291
Ervings loc 0
Gorham 2,848
Greens 1
Hadleys purc 0
Jefferson 1,107
Kilkenny 0
Lancaster 3,507
Low & Burbanks 0
Martins loc 0
Milan 1,337
Millsfieldship 23
Northumberland 2,288
Odellship 4
Pinkhams 9
Pittsburg 869
Randolph 310
Sargents purc 3
Second College 0
Shelburne 372
Stark 556
Stewartstown 1,004
Stratford 746
Successship 0
Thompson & Meserves 0
Wentworth loc 33
Whitefield 2,306
Alexandria 1,613
Ashland 2,076
Bath 1,077
Benton 364
Bethlehem 2,526
Bridgewater 1,083
Bristol 3,054
Campton 3,333
Canaan 3,909
Dorchester 355
Easton 254
Ellsworth 83
Enfield 4,582
Franconia 1,104
Grafton 1,340
Groton 593
Hanover 11,260
Haverhill 4,697
Hebron 602
Holderness 2,108
Landaff 415
Lebanon 13,151
Lincoln 1,662
Lisbon 1,595
Littleton 5,928
Livermore 0
Lyman 533
Lyme 1,716
Monroe 788
Orange 331
Orford 1,237
Piermont 790
Plymouth 6,990
Rumney 1,480
Sugar Hill 563
Thornton 2,490
Warren 904
Waterville Valley 247
Wentworth 911
Woodstock 1,374
Amherst 11,201
Antrim 2,637
Bedford 21,203
Bennington 1,476
Brookline 4,991
Deering 1,912
Francestown 1,562
Goffstown 17,651
Greenfield 1,749
Greenville 2,105
Hancock 1,654
Hillsborough 6,011
Hollis 7,684
Hudson 24,467
Litchfield 8,271
Lyndeborough 1,683
Manchester 109,565
Mason 1,382
Merrimack 25,494
Milford 15,115
Mont Vernon 2,409
Nashua 86,494
New Boston 5,321
New Ipswich 5,099
Pelham 12,897
Peterborough 6,284
Sharon 352
Temple 1,366
Weare 8,785
Wilton 3,677
Windsor 224
Allenstown 4,322
Andover 2,371
Boscawen 3,965
Bow 7,519
Bradford 1,650
Canterbury 2,352
Chichester 2,523
Concord 42,695
Danbury 1,164
Dunbarton 2,758
Epsom 4,566
Franklin 8,477
Henniker 4,836
Hill 1,089
Hooksett 13,451
Hopkinton 5,589
Loudon 5,317
Newbury 2,072
New London 4,397
Northfield 4,829
Pembroke 7,115
Pittsfield 4,106
Salisbury 1,382
Sutton 1,837
Warner 2,833
Webster 1,872
Wilmot 1,358
Atkinson 6,751
Auburn 4,953
Brentwood 4,486
Candia 3,909
Chester 4,768
Danville 4,387
Deerfield 4,280
Derry 33,109
East Kingston 2,357
Epping 6,411
Exeter 14,306
Fremont 4,283
Greenland 3,549
Hampstead 8,523
Hampton 15,430
Hampton Falls 2,236
Kensington 2,124
Kingston 6,025
Londonderry 24,129
New Castle 968
Newfields 1,680
Newington 753
Newmarket 8,936
Newton 4,603
North Hampton 4,301
Northwood 4,241
Nottingham 4,785
Plaistow 7,609
Portsmouth 20,779
Raymond 10,138
Rye 5,298
Salem 28,776
Sandown 5,986
Seabrook 8,693
South Hampton 814
Stratham 7,255
Windham 13,592
Barrington 8,576
Dover 29,987
Durham 14,638
Farmington 6,786
Lee 4,330
Madbury 1,771
Middleton 1,783
Milton 4,598
New Durham 2,638
Rochester 29,752
Rollinsford 2,527
Somersworth 11,766
Strafford 3,991
Acworth 891
Charlestown 5,114
Claremont 13,355
Cornish 1,640
Croydon 764
Goshen 810
Grantham 2,985
Langdon 688
Lempster 1,154
Newport 6,507
Plainfield 2,364
Springfield 1,311
Sunapee 3,365
Unity 1,671
Washington 1,123

Top 10 Liberal States: Mostly the Ones in Decline

Top 10 Liberal States, 2010

Washington Post Attacks Palin Joke, Ignores the Hypocrisy of Michelle Obama’s Fat Ass

Sarah Palin spoke Thursday at the Long Island Association, a business group in New York. The event was notable for the fact that Palin invited the press–something she does rarely. And it was newsworthy in that she gave another sign she might actually run for president: News reports say she hinted with a smile that someone who is good at multitasking (“a woman, a mom”), as well as someone who’s already run for something (“a vice-presidential candidate?”) would be most qualified for the job.
Washington Post

Squishy Republican Kathleen Parker Threatens to Quit CNN Show

NEW YORK - MARCH 10:  (FILE PHOTO) New York Go...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeHooker aficionado Elliot Spitzer is apparently driving Kathleen Parker nuts because of his power grabs on their show. She is tired of being used like a pair of black socks.

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker actually stormed off the set of the “Parker Spitzer” show during a pre-taping a few weeks ago — furious that her co-host is continually allowed to take charge of their nightly CNN chat-fest, the insiders said.
Although still fuming, Parker did return to wrap up the segment, they said.
But she’s angry that the show’s producers are allegedly doing nothing to play up her strengths on the ailing show, the sources said.

Read more:

New York: New Voting Systems May be Responsible for Confusion in Close Races

Two weeks after the Nov. 2 elections, two House races and three state Senate contests across New York remain too close to call. And the state’s new electronic voting system, where optical scanners and paper ballots replaced lever machines, has emerged in each case as both the solution and the scapegoat.
In the House races, Democrats Tim Bishop in the first Congressional District and Dan Maffei in the 25th District have gone to court requesting a hand re-count of the paper ballots. Both narrowly trail Republican challengers with thousands of absentee ballots yet to count.
In the state Senate races, the Democrats’ lead election lawyer has said questions about the electronic machines could form the basis of any potential challenges to the outcome of the contests.

Wall Street Journal

New York State of Mind: 2 13-year-olds’ Bake Sale Killed Due to no Business License

America has a new villain. His name is Michael Wolfensohn.

Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff were just trying to earn some pocket change by selling an assortment of cupcakes, brownies and Rice Krispies treats in a Chappaqua park.
But the middle school entrepreneurs were shut down by local police at the request of a New Castle city councilman. He called the cops because the boys were operating a business without a license, according to The Journal News.

Todd Starnes

New York: Altschuler Takes Lead over Bishop in Long Island Congressional Race

The close congressional race on the East End of Long Island, which incumbent Democrat Tim Bishop appeared likely to win, is now up in the air after the Suffolk County Board of Elections found it had misreported the unofficial results by nearly 4,000 votes.
Republican challenger Randy Altschuler, who if he wins would become the second Jewish Republican in the House, is now reported to be in the lead by 383 votes. Bishop had initially been reported to be ahead by 3,461 votes.

New York: Buerkle Leads Maffei by 659 Votes

In a stunning reversal from election night, Republican Ann Marie Buerkle surged ahead of U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei by 659 votes Wednesday in the 25th Congressional District race after Wayne County reported its unofficial returns.
Buerkle began the day trailing Maffei by about 5,600 votes, but she took the lead after a convincing victory in Wayne County, the final county in the four-county district to report its results. Buerkle trounced Maffei in the rural Republican county, 15,429 (63 percent) to 9,191 (37 percent), according to returns Wayne County released at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday — more than 20 hours after polls closed.

October 26: Fun With Election Predictions



Arkansas: John Boozman defeats Blanche Lincoln by 26 pts (PICKUP)
California: Barbara Boxer defeats Carly Fiorina by 3 pts (HOLD)
Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal defeats Linda McMahon by 2 pts (HOLD)
Colorado: Ken Buck defeats Michael Bennet by 6 pts (PICKUP)
Delaware: Chris Coons defeats Christine O’Donnell by 3 pts (HOLD)

Florida: Marco Rubio defeats Charlie Crist by 12 pts (HOLD)
Georgia: Johnny Isakson defeats Michael Thurmond by 29 pts (HOLD)
Illinois: Mark Kirk defeats Alexi Giannoulias by 3 pts (PICKUP)

Indiana: Dan Coats defeats Brad Ellsworth by 22 pts (PICKUP)

Kentucky: Rand Paul defeats Jack Conway by 11 pts (HOLD)
Louisiana: David Vitter defeats Charles Melancon by 22 pts (HOLD)
Missouri: Roy Blunt defeats Robin Carnahan by 10 pts (HOLD)

Nevada: Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid by 7 pts (PICKUP)
New York: Kirsten Gillibrand defeats Joe Dio Guardi by 11 pts (HOLD)

New York: Chuck Schumer defeats Jay Townsend by 24 pts (HOLD)
North Dakota: John Hoeven defeats Tracy Potter by 50 pts (PICKUP)
Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey defeats Joe Sestak by 14 pts (PICKUP)
South Carolina: Jim DeMint defeats Alvin Greene by 39 pts (HOLD)

Washington: Patty Murray defeats Dino Rossi by 2 pts (HOLD)

West Virginia: John Raese defeats Joe Manchin by 3 pts (PICKUP)
Wisconsin: Ron Johnson defeats Russ Feingold by 10 pts (PICKUP)


Arkansas (Republicans +2)

Arkansas 1st: Rick Crawford defeats Chad Causey by 19 pts (PICKUP)

Arkansas 2nd: Tim Griffin defeats Joyce Elliott by 24 pts (PICKUP)

Delaware (Democrats +1)

Delaware AL (At Large): John Carney defeats Glen Urquhart by 3 pts (PICKUP) 
Nevada (Republicans +1)

Nevada 3rd: Joe Heck defeats Dina Titus by 5 pts (PICKUP) 

New Jersey (Republicans +2)

New Jersey 3rd: Jon Runyan defeats John Adler by 11 pts (PICKUP) 

New Jersey 6th: Frank Pallone defeats Anna Little by 2 pts (HOLD)
New Jersey 12th: Scott Sipprelle defeats Rush Holt by 3 pts (PICKUP) 

New York (Republicans +1)
New York 2nd: Steve Israel defeats John Gomez by 5 pts (HOLD)
New York 4th: Carolyn McCarthy defeats Fran Becker by 3 pts (HOLD)

New York 22nd: George Phillips defeats Maurice Hinchey by 1 pt (PICKUP) 
Wisconsin (Republicans +3)
Wisconsin 3rd: Dan Kapanke defeats Ron Kind by 3 pts (PICKUP)
Wisconsin 7th: Sean Duffy defeats Julie Lassa by 15 pts (PICKUP) 
Wisconsin 8th: Reid Ribble defeats Steve Kagen by 10 pts (PICKUP)


California: Jerry Brown defeats Meg Whitman by 3 pts (PICKUP)

Colorado: Tom Tancredo defeats John Hickenlooper by 2 pts (PICKUP)
Connecticut: Tom Foley defeats Dan Malloy by 2 pts (HOLD)
Florida: Rick Scott defeats Alex Sink by 3 pts (HOLD)
Georgia: Nathan Deal defeats Roy Barnes by 12 pts (HOLD)
Hawaii: Neil Abercrombie defeats Duke Aiona by 4 pts (PICKUP)
Illinois: Bill Brady defeats Patt Quinn by 10 pts (PICKUP)
Maryland: Martin O’Malley defeats Bob Ehrlich by 8 pts (HOLD)
Minnesota: Mark Dayton defeats Tom Emmer by 2 pts (PICKUP)
New Mexico: Susanna Martinez defeats Diane Denish by 13 pts (PICKUP)
Ohio: John Kasich defeats Ted Strickland by 6 pts (PICKUP)
Pennyslvania: Tom Corbett defeats Dan Onorato by 7 pts (PICKUP)
Texas: Rick Perry defeats Bill White by 12 pts (HOLD)