Hussein’s Henchman: Axelrod Practices ‘Civility’ by Comparing Newt Gingrich to a Monkey

"Senior Advisor David Alexlrod watches as...Image via WikipediaWASHINGTON - JULY 31:  Obama administration Se...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeEnglish: Democratic political consultant and c...Image via WikipediaSenior advisor David Axelrod during a meeting ...Image via WikipediaAt briefing for reporters, Chicagoan says of the Georgian: “The higher a monkey climbs on the pole the more you can see his butt.”

Independents Still Dislike Obama

Obama 2008 Presidential CampaignImage by Barack Obama via FlickrAngus Reid:

Public support for President Barack Obama remains low in the United States, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.
In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1,031 American adults, 40 per cent of respondents (unchanged since September) approve of Obama’s performance as president, while 52 per cent (-1) disapprove.
Obama is unable to reach the 50 per cent mark on approval in any of the country’s four main regions, getting his best numbers in the West (47%). One third of Americans (34%) strongly disapprove of the president’s performance, while 13 per cent strongly approve.

Democrats Lack Enthusiasm for Voting

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PRINCETON, NJ — In thinking about the 2012 presidential election, 45% of Democrats and independents who lean Democratic say they are more enthusiastic about voting than usual, while nearly as many, 44%, are less enthusiastic. This is in sharp contrast to 2008 and, to a lesser extent, 2004, when the great majority of Democrats expressed heightened enthusiasm about voting.

Republicans Likely to Take Over Senate in 2012

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 19:  In a break with man...Jeff Flake image by Getty Images via @daylifeReal Clear Politics: 

But the Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate aren’t particularly good. Right now Republicans hold 47 of the 100 seats; if they win the presidency, they would need to pick up three more seats to have a majority. As of today, they are favored to pick up two Democratic seats. Two Republican seats are tossups, along with six Democratic seats. If we assume Democrats pick off one of the two Republican tossups, and that Republican pick off half of the Democratic tossups, Republicans would have a 51-49 majority.

Virginia: George Allen Would Narrowly Win Back Senate Seat

George Allen headshotGeorge Allen, via WikipediaThe Roanoke College survey has Allen leading Kaine by 3 percentage points, 42 percent to 39 percent, with 19 percent undecided. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.
The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College interviewed 601 registered voters between Sept. 6 and Sept. 17. The results are statistically weighted for gender, race and age.
Allen and Kaine are seeking the seat held by Democrat Jim Webb, who is not running for re-election. The former governors are the front-runners in their respective parties and already are trading salvos on contentious issues.