US Government Acronyms: T

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TA Technology Administration (defunct; see Wayback Machine)
TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms
TAATC Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical Cooperation
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TBAC Tribal Budget Advisory Council
TCAC Tribal Consultation Advisory Committee
TCC Trade Compliance Center
TDA Trade and Development Agency (see USTDA)
TEAS Trademark Electronic Application System
TEFAP The Emergency Food Assistance Program
TEOAF Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture
TFF Treasury Forfeiture Fund
TIC Trade Information Center (merged with
TIGER Team Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery
TIGTA Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
TIPS Terrorism Information and Prevention System (defunct; see Senate hearing)
TMA TRICARE Managment Activity
TOP Technology Opportunities Program
TPS Technical Preservation Services
TRI Toxics Release Inventory
TSA Transportation Security Administration
TSC Terrorist Screening Center
TSI Transportation Safety Institute
TSO TRICARE Support Office
TSP Thrift Savings Plan
TTB Alcohol and Tobacoo Tax and Trade Bureau
TTN Technology Transfer Network
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

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