Ohio: Redistricting Map Released, Kucinich and Kaptur Put in Same District

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Associated Press Claims 2012 Could be Worse for Democrats Than 2010

Last week’s election was bad for Democrats. The next one could be worse.
Senate Democrats running in 2012 will be trying to hold their jobs in states where Republicans just scored major congressional and gubernatorial victories — Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Virginia.
The Democrats’ problems don’t end with senators.

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Observe: Democrat Newspaper Tries to Spin 6 pt Kasich Lead into Good News for Strickland

In just a week Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has sliced 4 points from GOP challenger John Kasich‘s lead in the poll that has consistently showed the Republican John Kasich with a healthy margin.
Today’s Quinnipiac Poll is the latest that shows Ohio’s race for governor tightening as Election Day approaches. Kasich is ahead 49 percent to 43 percent; the 6-point margin is down from 10 a week ago, when it was 51-41. And 7 percent of Ohio voters say they remain undecided. 

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Ohio: Kucinich Leads Corrigan by Only 4 pts

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The poll (based on a small but respectable 319 person sample, with a margin of error of 5.6 percent, weighted to eliminate gender bias) shows Kucinich ahead of his opponent, Peter Corrigan, by only 4 percent. The profile of undecided voters suggests they may break for Corrigan by about 3-2. And Corrigan’s 4 percent deficit turns into a 4 percent Corrigan lead when voters are given information on Kucinich’s ties to corrupt local Democratic leaders, and on Kucinich’s support for illegal immigration. These are signs that undecided voters could be pushed to go Corrigan’s way. Furthermore, Corrigan is running even with Kucinich among those who’ve already requested their absentee ballot, as early voting has already started in Ohio.
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Ohio: Republicans Widen Their Leads

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John Kasich, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland, now leads by a margin of 51 to 43 percent, according to the poll sponsored by the University of Cincinnati.
Republican Rob Portman has widened his double-digit lead over Lee Fisher in the race for the open Senate seat from the state of Ohio.


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