Maine: Portland Press Herald Endorses Dean Scontras

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But Scontras is right that our tax system is too complex, and also correct in saying his opponent’s ads wrongly describe the fair tax as an added level of taxation when it is intended to replace the income tax instead.
Scontras has downplayed the social issues that once were central to his campaign to focus on economic recovery. That should make him more palatable to independent voters.
He deserves to be. We endorse Dean Scontras for Maine’s 1st Congressional District seat.

Portland Press Herald

Ohio: Kasich Leads Strickland by 1

Kasich's websiteImage by Wild Goose via FlickrJohn Kasich is winning buy a modest 1 point, but keep in mind that with the undecideds usually turning against the incumbent, Kasich is close to 50%.

2010 Ohio Governor Race
John Kasich(R) 46%
Ted Strickland(D) 45%
Some Other Candidate 3%
Not Sure 7%

Source: Rasmussen Reports

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Iowa: Culver Losing to Branstad & Vander Plaats

Iowa Survey of 500 Likely Voters
September 22, 2009

2010 Iowa Governor’s Race
Terry Branstad (R) 54%
Chet Culver (D) 34%
Some Other Candidate 8%
Not Sure 4%
2010 Iowa Governor’s Race
Bob Vander Plaats (R) 43%
Chet Culver (D) 39%
Some Other Candidate 9%
Not Sure 9%

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Wisconsin: Walker Leads All 3 Dems in Race for Governor

The statewide poll found 44% of likely primary voters saying they favored [Scott] Walker vs. 43% for [Tom] Barrett, with 13% undecided, according to the poll. Walker is an announced Republican candidate for governor. Barrett, a Democrat, has not said whether he’s interested in running for governor.

In other hypothetical general election matchups, the poll found Walker with 48% to 40% over Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton and Walker over U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, 49% to 39%.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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