39 Congressional Representatives Earn A+ From Americans For Prosperity

English: Official porrait of US Rep Dan BurtonImage via WikipediaCongressional Portrait of Trent Franks (R-AZ)Image via WikipediaEnglish: US Congressman Randy NeugebauerImage via WikipediaEnglish: Jeff Landry, member of the United Sta...Image via WikipediaEnglish: Official portrait of Rep. Tom McClintock.Image via WikipediaOfficial portrait of Congressman (R-AZ).Image via WikipediaEnglish: Portrait of US Rep. Steve ChabotImage via WikipediaEnglish: , member of theImage via WikipediaThe list:

Todd Akin
Justin Amash
Mo Brooks
Ann Marie Buerkle
Dan Burton
Steve Chabot
Jason Chaffetz
Mike Coffman
Jeff Flake
John Fleming
Trent Franks
Scott Garrett (From New Jersey! Yay!!!)
Trey Gowdy
Tom Graves
Andy Harris
Wally Herger
Tim Huelskamp
Bill Huizenga
Jim Jordan
Raul Labrador
Doug Lamborn
Jeff Landry
Cynthia Lummis
Tom McClintock
Patrick McHenry
Donald Manzullo
Kenny Marchant
Mick Mulvaney
Randy Neugebauer
Mke Pence
Benjamin Quayle
Reid Ribble
Jean Schmidt
Dave Schweikert
Steve Southerland
Marlin Stutzman
Tim Walberg
Joe Walsh
Joe Wilson

Congratulations to them and congratulations to you if you are luck enough to have one of these people as your representative in congress.

Source: Americans For Prosperity

Pennsylvania May Do Away With Winner-Takes-All in Electoral College

Pileggi says he wants to change that “winner-take-all system,” and guide the system used in Maine and Nebraska through Pennsylvania’s Legislature this fall, before the 2012 presidential votes are cast. Republicans in both chambers say the bill has a strong chance of moving fast enough to be approved for next year.

“The system we have now, is a winner-take-all system, the system I am proposing would more precisely conform the electoral college to the popular vote and it would make the presidential election more relevant across the state, give voters more of a sense that they are active participants in the presidential election.”


California: McNerney has Slight Lead Over Harmer

Jerry McNerneyImage via Wikipedia

Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney inched his way toward re-election as updated counts Friday showed him with a slim 548-vote lead over opponent and GOP nominee David Harmer.

But the outcome is still a long way from settled.

The gap represents a tiny 0.3 percentage points of the 176,108 votes counted in the 11th Congressional District, which remains one of nine House races nationwide still too close to call. The four county elections offices within the 11th District are plowing through the uncounted mail-in and provisional ballots but thousands of votes remain to be processed.

Mercury News

Maine: Portland Press Herald Endorses Dean Scontras

The Great Seal of the State of Maine.Image via Wikipedia

But Scontras is right that our tax system is too complex, and also correct in saying his opponent’s ads wrongly describe the fair tax as an added level of taxation when it is intended to replace the income tax instead.
Scontras has downplayed the social issues that once were central to his campaign to focus on economic recovery. That should make him more palatable to independent voters.
He deserves to be. We endorse Dean Scontras for Maine’s 1st Congressional District seat.

Portland Press Herald