British Blame Israel Almost as Much as Hamas

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Turning now to events in the Middle East: For the past three weeks there has been a significant military conflict, with Israel launching attacks into Gaza, and Hamas, the Palestinian organization running Gaza, firing rockets into Israel. From what you know who do you blame for this conflict?

Israel 18%
Hamas 24%
Both equally 39%
Don’t know 19%

Source: YouGov
Methodology: Online interviews with 2,000 British voters, conducted on Jan. 15 and Jan. 16, 2009. No margin of error was provided.

British Left-Wing Politician Attacks Sarah Palin

“I’ve just insulted middle-class American peasants
by calling one of them a name.
I’m quite clever.
Brilliant, really.

Speaking at a fringe meeting of the centre-left party during its annual party conference in Manchester, [Hazel] Blears said Palin was capitalising on people’s disillusionment with regular politics. Imagine that…
“I just think there is so much anti-politics — not just in this country but around the world,” Blears said. Could it be that people are sick of people like you? “One of the reasons why Sarah Palin has been such a phenomenon is because she’s anti-politics, anti-Washington. Wow, is she really? How horrible. “Her politics are horrendous, but actually she’s struck a chord with people — ‘I’m a maverick, I’m not part of those powerful people’ — and people identified with that.” That is HORRENDOUS.

Source: Breitbart

UK: Majority Against Sending ‘Young People’ to Prison

Do you think sending young people to prison for non-violent crimes is effective or not effective in reducing the likelihood of them re-offending?

Effective 21%
Not effective 66%
Don’t know 14%

Source: ICM Research / SmartJustice
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,034 British adults, conducted from Dec. 14 to Dec. 26, 2007. No margin of error was provided.

Britains Shame: Majority Fall For ‘Global Warming’ Lie

Do you believe man-made global warming is threatening the planet?

Yes 62%
No 25%
Don’t know 13%

Will you change your life to help curb climate change in 2008 by doing any of the following? [Please tick all that apply.]

Recycling more 76%
Driving less 27%
Avoiding food that has been imported by plane 26%
Taking fewer holidays 14%
No, I won’t change my behaviour 20%

Source: YouGov
Methodology: Online interviews with 1,566 British adults, conducted from Dec. 20 and Dec. 27, 2007. No margin of error was provided.