Arizona: McCain or Hayworth Would Win General Election

Survey of 500 Likely Voters in AZ
April 13, 2010

Election 2010: Arizona Senate
John McCain (R) 54%
Rodney Glassman (D) 32%
Some other candidate 8%
Not sure 6%
Election 2010: Arizona Senate
J.D. Hayworth (R) 48%
Rodney Glassman (D) 39%
Some other candidate 7%
Not sure 7%

Rasmussen Reports

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Even Washington Post Admits Palins Saved McCain From Worse Loss

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Love her or loathe her, the data appear somewhere close to conclusive that Palin did little to help — and, in fact, did some to hurt — McCain’s attempts to reach out to independents and Democrats. But just because Palin doesn’t appear to have helped McCain move to the middle doesn’t mean that picking her was the wrong move. Remember where McCain found himself this past summer. He had won the Republican nomination, but the GOP base clearly felt little buy-in into his campaign. A slew of national polls reflected that energy gap, with Democrats revved up about the election and their candidate and Republicans somewhere between tepid and glum. Enter Palin, who was embraced with a bear hug by the party’s conservative base. All of a sudden, cultural conservatives were thrilled at the chance to put “one of their own” in the White House. In fact, of the 60 percent of voters who told exit pollsters that McCain’s choice of Palin was a “factor” in their final decision, the Arizona senator won 56 percent to 43 percent. For skittish conservatives looking for more evidence that McCain understood their needs and concerns, Palin did the trick. It’s hard to imagine conservatives rallying to McCain — even to the relatively limited extent that they did — without Palin on the ticket. And without the base, McCain’s loss could have been far worse.
Source: Washington Post

Unmarried Women Responsible for Obama Taking Power

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“If not for the overwhelming support of unmarried women, John McCain would have won the women’s vote and with it, the White House,” said the international research firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

Tuesday night, unmarried women supported the Democratic candidate by a stunning 70 to 29 percent margin, the firm said in a summary of its calculations, based on the Edison/Mitofsky National Election
Pool published by CNN.
World Net Daily

Maybe there’s a reason these broads are unmarried…if they are attracted to the slick and sleazy type they are going to be dumped on by men for the rest of their life.

I have to say I totally did not see this demographic problem coming. That is what happens when a generations of girls are brought up by their TV sets and not by parents. Instead of doing what your parents teach you is right, you do what the TV tells you to do, and that is certainly true with this past election.