Supreme Court Freezes Texas Redistricting, Good News for Republicans

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With a one-paragraph order on Friday night, the U.S. Supreme Court
froze the Texas congressional and legislative elections and replaced
pre-holiday candidate filings, politicking and fundraising with
uncertainty and chaos.
For now, there are no new legislative
districts in Texas, no new congressional districts. None of the maps has
been declared illegal, but no maps for House, Senate and congressional
districts are in effect either. What the Legislature drew earlier this
year remains mired in court, awaiting preclearance under the Voting
Rights Act from a panel of three federal judges in Washington. Maps
drawn by a separate panel of judges in San Antonio — drawn because time
was running out and the legislative maps hadn’t been approved, or even
heard by the D.C. court — were temporarily blocked Friday evening by the
U.S. Supreme Court.

The Texas Tribune

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