Poland: 2 Conservative Parties Fight for First

What party would you support in the next election?

Jul. 2007 Feb. 2007
Civic Platform (PO) 31% 30%
Law and Justice Party (PiS) 24% 28%
Left and Democracy (LiD)
Democratic Left Alliance (SLD)
Social Democracy of Poland (SDP)
Democratic Party of Poland (PD)
Labour Union (UP)
13% 11%
Self-Defence of the Polish Republic (SRP) 5% 5%
League of Polish Families (LPR) 3% 2%
Peasant’s Party (PSL) 3% 2%

Which coalition government would you prefer?

Civic Platform (PO) and Law and Justice Party (PiS) 35%
Civic Platform (PO) and Left and Democracy (LiD) 28%
The current coalition: Law and Justice Party (PiS),
Self-Defence of the Polish Republic (SRP) and
League of Polish Families (LPR)
Other / Not sure 19%

Source: PBS DGA / Gazeta Wyborcza
Methodology: Interviews to 1,020 Polish adults, conducted on Jul. 7 and Jul. 8, 2007. Margin of error is 3.2 per cent.

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