Minnesota: Tim Pawlenty Leads 9 Democrats

In hypothetical head-to-head match-ups, Pawlenty today defeats…
Paul Thissen, a Minneapolis-area state representative, by 19 points.
Tom Bakk, a state senator representing parts of northeast Minnesota, by 18 points.
John Marty, a state senator from Roseville, by 17 points.
Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, by 17 points.
Susan Gaertner, County Attorney for Ramsey County, by 14 points.
Matt Entenza, former Minnesota State House Democratic Leader and 2006 candidate for Attorney General, by 14 points.
Chris Coleman, mayor of St. Paul and unrelated to Norm Coleman, by 11 points.
R. T. Rybak, mayor of Minneapolis, today trails Pawlenty by 5 points. Pawlenty leads by 33 points among men; Rybak leads by 15 points among women — a 48-point gender gap. Pawlenty carries Republicans 7:1; Rybak carries Democrats 5:1; Independents favor Pawlenty by 18 points. Mark Dayton, former United States Senator from Minnesota, trails Pawlenty by 4 points, within the margin of sampling error and effectively even this far from the election. Pawlenty leads by 23 points among men; Dayton leads by 13 among women — a 36-point gender gap. Dayton leads in northeastern Minnesota and southern Minnesota; Pawlenty leads in the Twin Cities area and the western portion of the state.
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