Maine Anomaly Scares Obama Gang

While many polls during the past week and a half have shown Obama gaining in battleground states, Maine is moving in favor of McCain. With the race as close as it is, if McCain is able to peel of the 1 electoral vote from the northern congressional district he will be able to avoid the dreaded 269-269 tie that many people have been talking about. A situation like this would probably end up in Obama’s favor, because then it would be up to each state’s congressional delegation to cast 1 vote for president—only 1 vote, no matter how small or large the delegation. Since the liberals are likely to have more delegations than the Republicans, Obama would most likely be picked as president. But a single district in Maine can change all that by making it 270 to 268 in favor of McCain.
It does not get any closer than that—without a civil war breaking out.

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