Jealous Liberal Chick Attacks Sarah Palin’s Ability to ‘Work the Media’

Palin, on the other hand, understands how to use reality TV the way the Kennedys understood how to use photography. In “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’’ produced by Mark Burnett, she’s a bona fide folk hero, in makeup, with flawless hair. She’s fishin’, she’s shootin’, she’s tryin’ to keep boys out of her daughter Willow’s bedroom. She’s draggin’ her family with her; in the opening credits, their first names flash across the screen in cutesy print as they handle firearms and wrestle fish. (Not all relatives are equal; little Trig appears only briefly tonight, waving from the window as his parents go off mountain climbing. And husband Todd is omnipresent but near-silent. Just like a political wife.)

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