Israel: Olmert Should Step Down

In another two weeks, the Winograd Committee will issue its final report. In light of the report, should Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert…

Remain as prime minister 14.7%
Resign as prime minister 59.4%
Advance elections 17.4%
Don’t know 8.5%

In light of the report, should Labour party leader and defence minister Ehud Barak…

Remain in government 17.6%
Resign along with all other Labour ministers 46.8%
Advance elections 25.2%
Don’t know 10.5%

In light of the report, should foreign minister Tzipi Livni…

Resign as foreign minister 34.8%
Remain as foreign minister 48.0%
Don’t know 17.2%

Source: Shvakim Panorama / Israel Radio
Methodology: Interviews with 498 Israeli adults, conducted on Jan. 2, 2008. No margin of error was provided.

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