Delusional liberal elites are still in denial over Obama’s crumbling presidency

Over at The New York Times however, the message doesn’t seem to have sunk in. The Times, generally regarded as the most powerful and elite liberal media entity in America, has a major piece this evening with the headline: “In Fluid Race, House Majority is Uncertain, GOP Says.” The article goes to extraordinary lengths to talk about a Democratic fight back in November, yet without citing any independent polling evidence to back it up. As The Times puts it:

Republicans carry substantial advantages as they move into the final month of the fall campaign, but the resilience of vulnerable Democrats is complicating Republican efforts to lock down enough seats to capture the House and take control of the unsettled electoral battleground.
By now, Republicans had hoped to put away a first layer of Democrats and set their sights on a second tier of incumbents. But the fight for control of Congress is more fluid than it seemed at Labor Day, with Democrats mounting strong resistance in some parts of the country as they try to hold off a potential Republican wave in November.


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