Can McCain & Obama Both Lose?

I was listening to Bill Cunningham or whatever his name is on the radio Sunday night and he said something that both makes no sense and also hits it right on the head. He said that he was having a hard time believing that Obama can win the election AND he has a hard time believing that McCain can win the race. That is how I feel too. Sometimes I am happy that the Democrats picked Obama because it seems that there is no way somebody so far to the lunatic-fringe Left can win an election. Then I think of McCain, and I wonder how someone so stiff and dull can win an election.

There is no thought of ‘Wow, there’s no way this person can lose this election!’ for either of the candidates. Are these two the best our nation of 300 million people can come up with? This is the final 2?

Still, I am 100% behind McCain, if only as a defensive position against the horrors Obama would bring to the United States.

(But would it hurt you to say something nice about conservatives every once in a while? Maybe once a month? Just so our feelings wouldn’t get hurt…?)

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