British Left-Wing Politician Attacks Sarah Palin

“I’ve just insulted middle-class American peasants
by calling one of them a name.
I’m quite clever.
Brilliant, really.

Speaking at a fringe meeting of the centre-left party during its annual party conference in Manchester, [Hazel] Blears said Palin was capitalising on people’s disillusionment with regular politics. Imagine that…
“I just think there is so much anti-politics — not just in this country but around the world,” Blears said. Could it be that people are sick of people like you? “One of the reasons why Sarah Palin has been such a phenomenon is because she’s anti-politics, anti-Washington. Wow, is she really? How horrible. “Her politics are horrendous, but actually she’s struck a chord with people — ‘I’m a maverick, I’m not part of those powerful people’ — and people identified with that.” That is HORRENDOUS.

Source: Breitbart

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