British Believe EVERYTHING Worse Under Gordon Brown

It is now just over a year since Gordon Brown took over as prime minister from Tony Blair. Do you think that the following things have changed for the better, changed for the worse, or not really changed at all, compared with how they were before Gordon Brown became prime minister?

Better Worse No change
The state of the economy 3% 82% 12%
The situation in Iraq 11% 33% 51%
The National Health Service 12% 26% 59%
Standards in schools 11% 23% 51%
Relations with America 8% 21% 62%
Standards in public life 4% 56% 36%
Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour 6% 57% 35%
The level of taxes 4% 69% 24%

Source: Populus / The Times
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,507 British adults, conducted from Jul. 4 to Jul. 6, 2008. No margin of error was provided.

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