ABC & Washington Post Release VERY Slanted Poll

They decided to help their boy Obama out by giving him a 16 pt. lead to start with…

54 Democrat
38 Republican
7 Independent
2 Other

And guess what? The poll shows Obama leading by 9 pts!
What a surprise.

They oversample Democrats by 16 pts, and Obama only leads by 9.
So this is actually bad news for Obama because he can not hold onto people who lean toward the Democrats.
But… you will only hear about the 9 pt lead in the news.

You are unlikely to hear about how far out of the way ABC News and the Washington post went to ensure a larger Obama lead. Also, with such a bias in the poll, shouldn’t Obama be winning by close to 16 pts? They gave him such a huge unfair advantage and Obama can only come up with a 9 pt lead?

Lets see if in the next ABC News/Washington Post poll they make up for this by giving McCain a 16 pt advantage.
I doubt it.

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