Wisconsin: Democrat Thugs Destroy Army Recruiting Station

The Criminals:

Kelsey M. Kazik, 20,
Sara Keiza, 17,
Jillian Duckwitz, 21,
Richard A. Ketcham, 22,
Thomas P. Buckholt, 17,
Andrew L. Ortlieb, 24 (a little old to behaving this way?),
Kathryn E. Jacobs, 20,
Keith Crum, 20,
and Andrew Smart, 19, all of Milwaukee;
Craig R. Barringer, 20, of Waukesha;
Jonathon W. Wilson, 17, of Wauwatosa;
Amy M. Barger, 19,
Jessica L. Brooks, 18,
Derek W. Johnson, 17,
Nathan J. Bartelt, 20,
Jeffrey G. Lavato, 18, and Kyle Sawson, 21, all of West Bend;
and David W. Clerkin, 21, of Madison.

Don’t worry, Mommy and Daddy have probably bailed them out already. Most of them could be safe at home now, smoking pot they lifted from their parent’s room.

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