Why Democrats Wanted Cain Out of Presidential Race Soooo Badly

speaking at a press conference in Scottsdale, ...
Herman Cain, the latest American martyr to Internationalist “Progressives,” via Wikipedia

I was certainly no Herman Cain supporter in his
bid for the Republican presidential nomination, but I have to admit one
thing. Somebody sure wanted this guy out of the race, and badly.

Last Saturday Cain announced that he was
indefinitely suspending his campaign. In late October, he’d been rising
sharply in the polls. The Oct. 24 edition of Newsweek magazine even had a
cover photo of him giving quite the ham-handed thumbs up atop the
headline: “The Unlikely Rise of the Anti-Obama: Yes We Cain!”
Then came the sexual harassment allegations.
Sharon Bialek claimed that Cain sexually assaulted her in the late
1990s, but her credibility was strained when she called it “sexual
harassment.” (I’d have found her a bit more believable if she didn’t
have an annoying smirk on her face every time I saw her on TV.)

Washington Examiner

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