What’s A Hillary Supporter to Do?

If you are a PUMA, there are 4 actions you can choose from:

1. Don’t vote
2. Write in Hillary’s name
3. Vote for a third-party candidate
4. Vote for John McCain

So what should a die-hard Hillary Supporter do? How do they play this game of making sure Obama does not win so Hillary can be president in 4 years?

1. Not voting does nothing to help Hillary.
2. Writing Hillary’s name in helps, you give 1/2 a point to Hillary by taking away a vote from Obama.
3. The same goes for voting for a third-party candidate, 1/2 a point for Hillary.
4. But if you vote for McCain, you give Hillary a whole point. The 1/2 point you take from Obama, and the 1/2 you give to McCain equals a full vote swing. The other 3 options do not add up to fully using your vote to help Hillary.

Therefore, PUMAs truly in the know will vote for McCain… and not tell too many people about it!

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