West Virginia: Manchin Approval Ratings Remain High, Obama in the Dumpster

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But if Manchin’s so conservative, why is he still a Democrat, especially in this day and age?

A new voter opinion poll from Mark Blankenship Enterprises
found that 70 percent of West Virginia voters believe Manchin deserves
to be re-elected, leaving 21 percent of voters thinking it’s time to
select someone new.

Blankenship’s poll asked several questions of
400 West Virginia registered voters between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. The
poll has a 95 percent level of confidence and was conducted through both
cell phones and land line phones.

The poll found 27 percent of West Virginia
voters believe Obama deserves to be re-elected, with 46 percent of the
state’s Democrats, 88 percent of West Virginia’s Republicans and 64
percent of the Mountain State’s Independent voters agreeing that it is
time to give someone new a chance at the presidency.


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