US Government Acronyms: R

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RA Reserve Affairs
RAT Board Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board
RBS Rural Business-Cooperative Service
RD Rural Development
REAC Real Estate Assessment Center
REAC/TS Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site
RECD Rural Economic & Community Development (replaced by RD)
REE Research, Education and Economics
REIC Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives
REIS Regional Economic Information System
REL Regional Educational Laboratory Program
RePORT Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool
RFR Reportable Food Registry
RHS Rural Housing Service
RIC Rural Information Center
RICHS Rural Information Center Health Service (defunct; see Wayback Machine)
RISC Regulatory Information Service Center
RITA Research and Innovative Technology Administration
RMA Risk Management Agency
ROBO Releases of Beneficial Organisms in the United States and Territories
ROJ Office of Field Operations, Labor Dept.
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
RRB Railroad Retirement Board
RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration
RSVP Retired and Senior Volunteers Program
RUS Rural Utilities Service

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