Union Bosses Selling Out Workers in Exchange for Obama $

Are you or someone you love in a union? Did you know that Barack Obama and corrupt union bosses are trying to screw the everyday American worker by taking away a worker’s right to a private vote?

If Obama is elected president, get ready for a unionized America and the end of the worker’s right to a secret ballot.

If he gets his way, Obama is ready to force millions of Americans into unions by eliminating, for all practical purposes, this fundamental American right.

Obama is a strong supporter of the falsely-named “Employee Free Choice Act” (also known as the Card Check bill) sponsored by Ted Kennedy. It almost passed Congress this year and is certain to become law if Obama becomes president. Obama told the AFL-CIO this year, “I will make it the law of the land when I’m president of the United States.” (President Bush has threatened to veto the legislation.)

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