UK: More Than 250 Arrested in South Yorkshire

(South Yorkshire Police) More than 250 people have been arrested and around £68,000 worth of drugs seized as police continue to make an Impact on crime across the county – with help from their partners.

Following the tremendous success of the Christmas crackdown, South Yorkshire Police has mounted another 12-day campaign.

And this time officers are working even more closely with partner agencies to ensure that there is no hiding place for criminals.

Results from the first week of the operation include:

32 warrants executed;

28 people arrested for burglary dwelling;

6 arrests for robbery;

Weapons including a firearm, 5 knives and a sword seized;

34 vehicles recovered by the DVLA and a further 12 clamped;

44 Drug Intervention Programmes instigated;

68 cans of lager confiscated by Doncaster community first officers

Chief Inspector Pat Casserly, who is running the latest phase of Impact force wide, has been encouraged by the joint effort.

“This current work with our partners is distinct from last month’s Impact in that it’s acting as a catalyst for sustained improvements in local communities after we’ve taken enforcement action against criminals.”

“Having said that, the arrest results and seizures of drugs, stolen property and weapons are spectacular. We believe some of the property we’ve recovered were Christmas presents and, where appropriate, we’ll do our best to return them to their rightful owners.”

Added Ch Insp Casserly: “The feedback from local residents is very positive and we continue to receive information that directs us towards new targets and initiatives.”

“Criminals are having a hard time of it as we make further inroads into their networks. The disruption of drug dealers and those who trade in stolen goods makes it less appealing for them to operate.”

The latest phase of Impact was launched by South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes at Wath Police Station last Monday, January 8 2007.

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