Oklahoma House Votes to Protect Vote Integrity

But Rep. Jerry McPeak of Warner says voter fraud is not a problem in Oklahoma. McPeak says the bill will disenfranchise elderly, poor and disabled residents who do not have photo IDs.

Plus, Rep. McPeak failed to mention that the bill would disenfranchise illegal aliens, vote-selling crack addicts, political thugs, people who don’t live in Oklahoma and those that like to vote several times.

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Milwaukee Woman Charged in Election Fraud

A Milwaukee woman accused of filing fraudulent voter-registration forms has been charged with one count of election fraud.

A criminal complaint released to the media Tuesday says 19-year-old Latoya T. Lewis turned in multiple forms with the same voter name on them.
Chicago Tribune

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Well Known Hotbeds of Voter Fraud in the United States

East Chicago
Broward County
Dade County
New Orleans
Howard County
Washington DC subarbs
Kansas City
St. Louis
New Jersey
Atlantic City/Pleasantville
Camden County
Newark/Essex County
Hudson County
Mercer County
Middlesex County
Southern Passaic County
Southern Bergen County
Eastern Union County
New Mexico
Doña Ana County
New York
Cleveland/Cuyahoga County
Delaware County
South Carolina
Hampton Roads
Seattle/Kings County

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South Carolina: Voter ID Wins Approval

A bill that would require voters to present a photo ID at the polls won key approval from the S.C. House on Thursday, but not before House Democrats — equating the proposal to segregation-era efforts to disenfranchise voters — walked out.

About 30 members of the Legislative Black Caucus and other House Democrats staged the walkout as debate moved into its fourth hour and it became clear the bill would pass.
The State

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Democrats Want to Hand Voter-Fraud Group ACORN Stimulus $$$

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Republican lawmakers are raising concerns that ACORN, the low-income advocacy group under investigation for voter registration fraud, could be eligible for billions in aid from the economic stimulus proposal working its way through the House. House Republican Leader John Boehner issued a statement over the weekend noting that the stimulus bill wending its way through Congress provides $4.19 billion for “neighborhood stabilization activities.”
Fox News

ACORN Worker Charged With Voter Fraud

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An East St. Louis woman has been charged with submitting false information on voter registration cards, including turning in cards from nursing home residents without their knowledge.U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway’s office said Deidra Humphrey, 44, worked for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition from June through August last year.BND.com

Minnesota: Franken Trying to Steal Senate Election

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When voters woke up on Wednesday morning after the election, Senator Norm Coleman led Al Franken by what seemed like a relatively comfortable 725 votes. By Wednesday night, that lead had shrunk to 477. By Thursday night, it was down to 336. By Friday, it was 239. Late Sunday night, the difference had gone down to just 221 — a total change over 4 days of 504 votes.
Fox News

Ohio: Obama Workers From New York Foiled in Attempt to Vote in Battleground State

Thirteen campaign workers for Barack Obama yesterday yanked their voter registrations and ballots in Ohio after being warned by a prosecutor that temporary residents can’t vote in the battleground state.

A dozen staffers – including Obama Ohio spokeswoman Olivia Alair and James Cadogan, who recently joined Team Obama – signed a form letter asking the Franklin County elections board to pull their names from the rolls.
New York Post

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Virginia: Democrats Trying to Toss Thousands of Military Votes

An obscure state law and an ambiguous federal ballot form are combining to invalidate some of the thousands of absentee votes being cast this fall by Virginians overseas, most of them in the military. State officials confirmed Thursday that they’ve instructed local registrars to set aside any vote submitted on a federally furnished write-in ballot unless the ballot includes both the name and address of the person who witnessed the vote. An advisory to registrars was distributed earlier this week, said Susan Pollard, a spokeswoman for the State Board of Elections.Military.com