77% Think Government Spending is the Problem, Not Tax Payer ‘Selfishness’

Which is a better problem in the United States today?
Voters unwilling to pay enough in taxes 14%
Politicians unwilling to control government spending 77%
Not sureRasmussen Reports 8%

The 14% who blame the workers of this country for not paying enough taxes are mostly life-long welfare leeches or rich liberals who know the ropes when it comes to not paying taxes even though they expect us to keep paying more and more of our money for their

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Genius: Taxing Campaign Contributions!

But all is not lost, my liberal friends. Allow me to propose the institution of a windfall profits tax on presidential campaigns. Any campaign that raises more than $250 million would have all donations taxed at the higher rate that Obama was discussing for oil companies. Okay, so he never actually specified what that rate would be. But let’s say Uncle Sam took one half of all donations to presidential candidates.
Campaign Spot

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