North Carolina: Early Voting Brings Good Turnout News for Republicans

After three days, a total of 72,173 voters have cast one-stop ballots. That’s more than twice the 35,728 cast at the same point in the previous midterm election of 2006 and even more than the 70,645 in the 2004 presidential election. In 2008, a surprising 266,649 voters crowded one-stop centers in the first three days.

So far this year, registered Democrats are edging out Republicans by 31,910 to 27,623. By contrast, after three days in 2008, Democrats were swamping Republicans by nearly a 3-to-1 ratio – at that point, 163,321 votes to 58,748. 

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Panic Attack-Ad: Version North Carolina (David Price)

Talk about showing your hand…

Rep. David Price is an 11-term Democrat who represents the Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina. His Republican opponent is B. J. Lawson, whom Price beat in 2008, 63 percent to 37 percent.

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Boucher & McIntyre Added to NRCC Vulnerable List

According to a GOP strategist who tracks ad buys, the NRCC has placed an $82,000 buy against Rep. Rick Boucher (D) in Virginia’s 9th district as well as a $45,000 buy against Rep. Mike McIntyre (D) in North Carolina’s 7th district. The ad buys are for the week of Sept. 17-23.

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North Carolina: Burr Continues to Enjoy Large Lead

Survey of 500 Likely Voters in North Carolina
March 22, 2010

Election 2010: North Carolina Senate
Richard Burr (R) 51%
Elaine Marshall (D) 35%
Some Other Candidate 6%
Not sure 8%
Election 2010: North Carolina Senate
Richard Burr (R) 51%
Cal Cunningham (D) 32%
Some Other Candidate 7%
Not sure 11%

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