Palin Doing Well in 2012 Primary Poll

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the top choice for those Republicans who put national security first and ties Romney for first among voters who list economic issues alone as the priority. She runs second in nearly every other case with voters from all camps.

Rasmussen Reports

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Americans side with Republicans on 6 of top 10 issues; tied on abortion—Rasmussen Poll

Issue Democrats Republicans
Health Care 47% 37%
Education 44% 37%
Social Security 43% 37%
Abortion 41% 41%
Economy 39% 45%
Taxes 39% 44%
Iraq 37% 45%
Nat’l Security 36% 51%
Gov’t Ethics 29% 35%
Immigration 29% 43%

Just about half a year ago during the presidential election, the Republicans had the lead in 0 or 1 of these issues, depending on the week the poll was taken. So this shows a tremendous amount of progress by the GOP.

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Voters Trust McCain on Nation Security by 11 pts

Who do you trust more to handle on national security issues?
McCain 52%
Obama 41%

Rasmussen Reports

59% of Americans See Russian Rape of Georgia Threat to National Security

The majority of Americans (59%) regard Russia’s ongoing invasion of neighboring Georgia as a threat to U.S. national security, but less than a third (31%) believe the United States should take any diplomatic action against Russia. A similar number (33%) say the United States should not take diplomatic action against Russia, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken Monday night. A plurality (36%) remain undecided. Just over half (51%) also believe that John McCain is the best equipped of the two major presidential candidates to handle a similar crisis in the future, while 36% (WTF?) believe Barack Obama is the better of the two to deal with this kind of situation.
Rasmussen Reports