McCain’s Letter of Introduction to Supporters

Dear Supporter,

Last Friday, our campaign was proud to welcome Governor Sarah Palin to the ticket as John McCain’s running mate. Over the past few days, the campaign has received an outpouring of support in the form of record-breaking donations and crowds of supporters who have packed rallies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

Tomorrow night, Governor Palin will officially accept the nomination to be the first female Republican Vice Presidential candidate in history. And today, we’re giving you the opportunity to get to know Governor Palin a little better through an exclusive video you can watch by following this link.

Watch the Video: “Introducing Governor Sarah Palin

After watching the video, we encourage you to pass this email along to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

We know everyone is anticipating John McCain and Governor Palin’s speeches at the Republican National Convention later this week. We hope you’ll take the time tonight to watch the following speakers during tonight’s convention prime-time program.

President Bush will deliver remarks via satellite. Mrs. Laura Bush, Senators Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman and many others will also speak. We encourage you to tune in tonight between the hours of 8:30 to 10:00 CST.

The McCain Campaign

McCain 34, Huckabee 21, Giuliani 18, Romney 14, Fred 6

Please tell me which of the following people you would be most likely to support for the Republican nomination for president in 2008.

Jan. 2008 Dec. 2007 Nov. 2007
John McCain 34% 13% 16%
Mike Huckabee 21% 22% 10%
Rudy Giuliani 18% 24% 28%
Mitt Romney 14% 16% 11%
Fred Thompson 6% 10% 19%
Ron Paul 5% 6% 5%
Duncan Hunter 1% 2% 4%
Tom Tancredo n.a. 1% 3%
No opinion 2% 6% 5%

Source: Opinion Research Corporation / CNN
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 397 registered Republicans, conducted from Jan. 9 to Jan. 10, 2008. Margin of error is 5 per cent.

Another Poll—Giuliani Leads This One

I’m going to read you the names of some possible Republican presidential candidates. Who would you most like to see nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for president in 2008?

Nov. 2007 Oct. 2007 Sept. 2007
Rudy Giuliani 26% 31% 32%
John McCain 17% 18% 15%
Fred Thompson 13% 17% 21%
Mitt Romney 13% 9% 9%
Mike Huckabee 11% 8% 4%
Ron Paul 4% 3% 1%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Tom Tancredo 1% 1%
Newt Gingrich n.a. n.a. 6%
Sam Brownback n.a. n.a. 2%
Other 1% 1% 1%
None 3% 4% 2%
Not sure 11% 8% 6%

Source: Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 448 registered Republicans or Republican leaners, conducted from Nov. 20 to Nov. 26, 2007. Margin of error is 5.5 per cent.

Iowa: Huckabee Takes the Lead

Mike Huckabee 28%

Mitt Romney 25%

Rudy Giuliani 12%

Fred Thompson 11%

Ron Paul 5%

John McCain 4%

Tom Tancredo 4%

Duncan Hunter 1%

Source: Rasmussen Reports