Democrats Have Received Palin Talking Points

It has been observed that Sarah-hating Democrat operatives have been told to repeat the word ‘quitter’ and supplied with pre-packaged phrases that include that word when speaking to the media about her or even leaving posts on web sites.

It’s interesting that Barack Obama decided to quit his Senate term two years into it to run for president… he just didn’t give up the seat so if he lost he would still be a senator. But that is okay, because… why? He’s a man? He’s America’s first affirmative action president?

Is Kathleen Sebelius a quitter?
Joe Biden?
Janet Napolitano?
Hillary Rodham Quitter?

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Will Powell’s Race-Based Endorsement Actually Help McCain?

An Affirmative Action President…
Is that what this country need? Colin Powell thinks so.

The media will try to make it seem like some big coup for Obama to get an endorsement from Mr. “Positive Discrimination,” and it may temporarily give a blip of help for BHO.
But there is also a danger in the media commenting (can’t really say reporting) on this too much. Then race becomes a larger and larger issue in this campaign, and people will have more time to ponder Colin Powell’s blatant race-based endorsement.

You don’t go to an Affirmative Action doctor.
You don’t go to an Affirmative Action lawyer.
Will Americans vote for an Affirmative Action president?

Court Limits Racist Set-Asides

Spain: Merit Not Important, Blind Affirmative Action Is

The Congress is about to approve the Equality Law. Do you think this is a positive law?

Yes 80.4%
No 6.9%

The law establishes that electoral lists should have the same number of men and women. Do you support or oppose this measure?

Support 76.0%
Oppose 17.5%

The law also establishes that the corporate boards of businesses should also have the same number of men and women. Do you support or oppose this measure?

Support 68.7%
Oppose 20.9%

Source: Instituto Opina / Cadena Ser
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,000 Spanish adults, conducted on Mar. 15, 2007. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent.