Steven Kurlander: Jewish voters won’t abandon Democratic Party, but they will Obama

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This makes sense… for now. I think eventually more Jewish people will see the light about the ENTIRE Democrat party, but it is hard for them quit cold turkey. Abandoning Obama is a good first step. Let’s just hope that it really happens and it isn’t just hype.
Are American Jews really turning Republican? According to a recent study, Republicans are building a once unimaginable strength among traditionally Democratic Jewish voters.

Pew Research Center analysis indicated that “Jews” who support or lean
Republican shot up 9 points from 2008 to 29 percent in 2011, while those
supporting or leaning Democratic fell from 72 percent to 65 percent.
While this trend mirrored a corresponding rise in popularity of
Republicans among every other religious group, the Jewish increase was
most significant.
Sun Sentinel

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