Rasmussen Poll of Undecided Voters: Mosty Good News for McCain

Partisan Identification: 35% Democratic, 24% Republican, 41% Unaffiliated. Among those who are totally undecided and don’t even lean towards one candidate or the other at this time–41% are unaffiliated with either major party, 35% are Democrats, and 19% are Republicans. Among all Republican voters, 70% are certain to vote for McCain, 10% say they’re for McCain but could change their mind, and 4% lean towards McCain. Among all Democratic voters, 66% are certain to vote for Obama, 12% say they’re for Obama but could change their mind, and 2% lean towards Obama. Among all unaffiliated voters, 29% are certain to vote for McCain and 12% support the GOP candidate but could change their mind. Twenty-four percent (24%) are certain to vote for Obama while 12% say they support him but could change their mind. Ideology: 13% Very Conservative, 21% Somewhat Conservative, 40% Moderate, 18% Somewhat Liberal, 4% Very Liberal. From a slightly different perspective, 33% are Social Conservatives, 37% are Moderate on Social Issues, and 26% are Social Liberals. 34% are Fiscal Conservatives, 52% are Fiscal Moderates, and 7% are Liberal on Fiscal Issues. Gender: 56% Women, 44% Men [Good news for McCain because women usually vote for Democrats]. Income: 55% under $60,000 annual income. 26% above $75,000. Gee, I thought the working class was for the Democrats. Why are so many undecided and leaning toward McCain?
Race: 82% White, 4% Black, 14% Other (mostly Hispanic). Among all White Voters nationwide, McCain currently leads 52% to 41%. Among African-American voters, Obama leads 95% to 5%. Among all other voters, Obama leads 54% to 36%. Age: 13% are Under 30: 36% are 30-49; 32% are 50-64; and 19% are 65+. Education: 26% High School Graduate or Less Education, 53% Attended or Graduated College, 21% Attended or Completed Graduate School. All data was compiled from surveys conducted for the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

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