Politico Claims Mitch McConnell’s Victory Makes Him Most Powerful Republican

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With his party in tatters, Mitch McConnell is now the most powerful Republican in the country — the lone GOP senator who can stand in the way of an unfettered liberal agenda in Washington, and a key go-to man to rehabilitate his party.

McConnell, a soft-spoken Washington insider from Kentucky with a canny understanding of Senate tactics, is an unlikely pick to be the GOP’s Stonewall Jackson. Yet by virtue of surviving a tight reelection for a fifth term and having no real challenger to his position as Senate minority leader, McConnell is positioned to be both the ultimate dealmaker and the Republican firewall against a leftward tilt in American government.

We’ll see. I’m a bit dubious, but go for it man. The leftists went after him hard and he managed to win. Maybe his underwhelming personality hides some sort of genius.

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