Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the World

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Parliament building, Budapest Françai...
Parliament building, Budapest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Toji pagoda in Kyoto, Japan
Toji pagoda in Kyoto, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh in Scotlan...
Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh in Scotland, Great Britain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Sarego street,Krakow,Poland Polski: u...
Sarego street, Krakow, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Tample Bar picture taken by me at the...
Dublin, Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia.
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Auckland (New Zealand) CBD view from ...
Auckland (New Zealand) CBD view from the Sky Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The roofs of Bruges (Belgium) Nederla...
The roofs of Bruges (Belgium) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Queenstown Mall, New Zealand
Queenstown Mall, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the World:
1. Sydney, Australia
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. Queenstown, New Zealand
4. Krakow, Poland
5. Bruges, Belgium
6. Edinburgh, Scotland
7. Kyoto, Japan
8. Budapest, Hungary
9. Auckland, New Zealand
10. Reykjavik, Iceland

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I bet a lot of people would have guessed Dublin would be number one, based on its reputation.

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Top 10 Strangest Buildings in Poland

Here are the Top 10 strangest buildings in Poland, according to
1. Jesus in Swiebodzin
2. The Observation Tower in Gorzów Wielkopolski
3. Headquarters of National Polish Television in Warsaw
4. Petrol station in Rytro
5. Crooked Little House in Sopot
6. Polish Pyramids
7. Skull Chapel in Czermna
8. Upside Down House in Szymbark
9. House in Zeleznikowa near Nowy Sacz
10. Theatre In The Closet in Torun