Ohio: Liberal Website Bemoans GOP Redistricting Success

To this I say huzzah!!!

The maps, approved by the Republican-run state legislature in September, favor Republicans in 12 of Ohio’s 16 new congressional districts.
And they strengthen the majority of likely Republican supporters in at
least 17 state house districts, according to the mapping consultants’
own calculations.
The congressional maps also split voters in Toledo into three separate districts, a move the mayor said would make the city “politically irrelevant,’’ and put two longstanding Democratic members of congress who live 110 miles apart in the same district, a tactic redistricting experts call “hijacking.” (See our rundown of various redistricting techniques, such as packing, cracking and hijacking, or watch our redistricting music video.)
A spokesman for Ohio’s House of Representatives said the email messages and accompanying report,
released by the Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting, were an
attempt to garner “salacious” and “malicious” headlines. Mike Dittoe,
director of communications for the Ohio House of Representatives and for
Republican Speaker Bill Batchelder, said Ohio’s redistricting was “a
fully transparent process that yielded a fair and legal map.”


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