OCTOBER 7: 2010 Election Prediction Fun

Time for some 2010 predictions. Starting with a few Senate and then I will add more in the coming days.

Arkansas: John Boozman defeats Blanche Lincoln by 26 pts (PICKUP)
California: Barbara Boxer defeats Carly Fiorina by 3 pts (HOLD)
Colorado: Ken Buck defeats Michael Bennet by 6 pts (PICKUP)
Florida: Marco Rubio defeats Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek (HOLD)
Indiana: Dan Coats defeats Brad Ellsworth by 22 pts (PICKUP)

Kentucky: Rand Paul defeats Jack Conway by 11 pts (HOLD)

Missouri: Roy Blunt defeats Robin Carnahan by 10 pts (HOLD)

Nevada: Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid (PICKUP)
New York: Kirsten Gillibrand defeats Joe Dio Guardi (HOLD)

New York: Chuck Schumer defeats Jay Townsend by 20 pts (HOLD)

Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey defeats Joe Sestak by 14 pts (PICKUP)

Washington: Patty Murray defeats Dino Rossi by 2 pts (HOLD)

West Virginia: John Raese defeats Joe Manchin by 10 pts (PICKUP)

Wisconsin: Ron Johnson defeats Russ Feingold by 10 pts (PICKUP)

House (To come)
Governor (To come)

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