New Jersey: Republicans Point Out Dem Property Tax Hypocrisy

New Jersey, which is controlled totally by the Democrat party (Governor & both Houses of the Legislature) is known as the state with the worst property tax burden in America. During the last Governor’s and State House election, the Democrats promised to fix this. Predictably, things are not quite working out that way…

Trenton, NJ – NJGOP State Chairman Tom Wilson issued the following statement today concerning the Democrat property tax plan:

“Yesterday, Governor Corzine finally came clean and admitted that the property tax relief proposal being hurried through the legislature is just another dishonest election year gimmick. He keeps saying he wants lasting relief, but when he has the chance to keep the promise of a permanent credit, he says calls making it permanent bad public policy. Does he think the Veteran’s tax deduction is bad public policy? What about the senior and disabled deduction, is that bad public policy too?

Isn’t it good public policy to make sure that your plan can pass constitutional muster? Isn’t it good public policy to expose your legislation to full and open scrutiny through the committee process? Isn’t it good public policy to keep your promises? Isn’t it good public policy to relieve people of the crushing burden of outrageous property taxes? It’s no wonder the Democrats are hell bent on rushing this through with as little public scrutiny or comment as possible. All they are interested in are sound bites, not real policy that will actually benefit the public. They are treating government like it belongs to them and not the people they serve.

Republicans, in the spirit of cooperation and wanting to make sure that citizens actually get the even meager relief they are promised under this plan, raised questions about the legality of the Democrat proposal. Even constitutional academics acknowledge the question is worth pondering. The Democrat response was more politicking and name calling. If the Democrats are so confident, why not ask OLS for a written analysis? Why not wait for the Attorney General to complete his review? Why not ask any of the retired Supreme Court Justices what they think?

Will anyone’s credit be delayed by taking the extra week or month to make this proposal legal? No, they won’t. The Democrats have egg on their face from missing several self imposed deadlines and so now their putting their politics ahead of good public policy.

Governor Corzine should put the brakes on this train wreck and produce an analysis from the Attorney General before the Senate acts on this matter. Senators deserve to know whether or not they’re being asked to consider a measure that is constitutional or not. And the families of New Jersey deserve to know whether this is for real or just another promise waiting to be broken.”

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