New Christian Web Site Debuts

Christian Music Served Daily. That’s the tagline that greets users who log onto the new Christian music site, ( Launched in August of 2006, the site serves as a center for everything that is being published online regarding the Christian music industry. currently adds between 10-20 articles every day from its database of over 50 sources. The site posts in ten different categories and allows users to subscribe via RSS feeds to instantly receive the latest updates. Users can search the growing database to quickly find what they are looking for as well as sort articles by category, source or date published. Interactive features include an “Email To A Friend” option, an area where users can submit an article for publication as well as the ability to comment and discuss any article posted on the site.

“The time is right for CMWired,” says site founder, Kevin McNeese. “As the Christian music industry continues to grow, the media following the genre has recently exploded. No one is actively collecting this content like we are. By the end of 2006, will be linking to over 1,000 interviews, reviews, videos, eCards, contests and articles about everyone’s favorite Christian artists.”

According to Nielsen SoundScan, gospel music album sales experienced a double-digit percent increase in sales at the mid-year point in 2006, compared to the first half of 2005. In contrast, the overall music business reported a four percent decline in album sales. Christian music continues to be a genre that everyone is paying attention to and McNeese has watched his other site, New Release Tuesday (NRT,, grow over the past four years as well.

“NRT has been an amazing adventure, taking fans into the future of Christian music, that we’ll continue to explore for years to come. However, NRT is part of what has quickly become a monster of media outlets focusing on this genre, and that’s where comes in. No where else are you going to find fresh content from major media sources in one place.”


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