MSNBC’s House Republican Attacks Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin addressing the Republican National...Image via Wikipedia Morning Joke seems to be trying to goad Sarah Palin into a war so he can boost his crippled ratings:

Why do I suspect that Scarborough is hoping Palin will fire back on her Facebook page, guaranteeing a day or two of headlines about the “PALIN-SCARBOROUGH BRAWL” and ensuring the most attention he has enjoyed in years? How far away can a “How to Save the GOP from Sarah Palin” book deal be? Between Keith Olbermann’s suspensions and fights with management, Ed Schultz’s arson threats, Bill O’Reilly’s fireworks on The View, and Glenn Beck’s big rallies on the Mall, all the big cable hosts seem to spend as much time making the news as reporting it. Scarborough has chosen the easiest and most well-trod path to a white-hot spotlight: defining himself as a furious foe of Palin.
National Review Online

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