Minnesota: McCain Moves to Within 5 pts of Obama, Many Undecided

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And as a bonus, Norm Coleman has moved ahead of that lunatic, Al Franken.

A St. Cloud State University poll shows that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama leads Republican opponent John McCain 42 percent to 37 percent in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate race continues to display the volatility seen in polls throughout the season. After earlier surveys showed DFL challenger Al Franken with an edge, the SCSU poll shows Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman leading with 36 percent, compared with 27 percent for Franken. Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley trails with 16 percent.
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

To me it appears that some public pollsters (like this one) have been moving closer to what the internal polls of the candidates have been saying (or at least rumored to say). Then again, some polls just keep on stacking the Democrat sample higher and higher, thus predetermining that the poll will show Obama with what looks like a nice lead unless you look at the internals of the poll.

I’ll keep Minnesota light blue on my electoral map for now, but it is very tight.

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